Zgoda Jana Gehla na ogłoszenie roku jego imienia

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From: Jan Gehl
Date: 2014/1/13
Subject: Jan Gehl response confirming: Year of Jan Gehl, 2014, Lublin, Poland
To: Jan Kaminski
Cc: Eva Martinus


Dear Jan Kaminski  and Council for Culture of Space in Lublin

Having now been informed about the ideas behind and the details concerning the idea: „Jan Gehl Year” in City of Lublin, I can report back to you that I feel very honored that such an initiative has been taken, and I wish you the very best success in your work on carrying out the plan. I hope you will find good support in the book „Life between Buildings” which is already published in Polish Language. Further my book „Cities for People” will during the spring be published in Poland, and I hope that a fruitful cooperation with the publisher can be established in order to further promote „The Year”.

I shall in the coming months look forward to hearing more about how the „Jan Gehl Year” has developed, how the various workshops and working sessions have been carried out and how everything is progressing. Also I will be positive concerning coming to Lublin for a brief visit sumertime after the summer,when some suitable time can be found.

I send to you all my warmest wishes for an interesting and fruitful year of studies.

Warmest greetings to you all
from yours
Jan Gehl
Professor of Urban Design
Founding Partner Gehl Architects – Urban Quality Consultants